Anna Luise Villinger

"Ein Schauspieler muss alles lernen, was es zu lernen gibt, alles erleben, was es zu erleben gibt, oder wenigstens diesem Zustand so nahe wie möglich kommen."

"An actor must interpret life, and in order to do so must be willing to accept all the experiences life has to offer. In fact, he must seek out more of life than life puts at his feet."

James Dean

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Personal details

Sex Female
Age range 29 - 37
Build Slender
Height 168
Hair Chestnut red
Eye colour Brown/green
Vocal pitch, dubbing voice Alto



2019 Improv Your Audition - with Tony Babcock & Ian Bender at Milestone Casting
Improv Your Acting - Studio for the performing Arts Toronto (Canada)
2019 Foundations Weekend intense with Meredith McGeachie
Anthony Meindl´s Actor Workshop (Canada)
2017 Studium der Film- und Theaterwissenschaften an der Freien Universität Berlin
2016 Spring Conservatory - Voice & Speech with Lauren Ferraro and Debrah Joy, Shakespeare with Jacob James, Comedia Dell Arte with Stephen LaFrenie, Writing & Directing with Bobby Del Rio, Clown & Physical Theatre with Shanda Bezic, Improv & OnCamera acting with Tony Babcock, Audition Training with Yulia Petrauskas, The Business of Acting with Randy Thomas, Actor-Agent Relationship with Teri Ritter
Improv Your Acting - Studio for the performing Arts Toronto (Canada)
2016 Meisner Weekend Intense mit Robert Bellissimo
Improv Your Acting - Studio for the performing Arts Toronto (Canada)
2015 - 2016 On Camera Masterclass Level I, II and III
Improv Your Acting - Studio for the performing Arts Toronto (Canada)
2014 - 2015 "Behind The Text" with Tony Babcock Level I and II
Improv Your Acting - Studio for the performing Arts Toronto (Canada)
2014 Schauspiel Coaching bei Tony Babcock (Toronto CA)
2009 - 2012
art of acting Berlin (Germany)
2009 Schauspiel Coaching bei Olivier Colonie
2008 Schauspiel Coaching bei Warnar van Eden und Matthias Brenner
Freiburger Musical- und Schauspielschule (Germany)



Languages German (mother tongue)
English (fluent)
French (basic)
Dialects Baden (good)
Berlin (good)
Accents Canadian (fluent)
Swiss (good)
Sports Horseback riding (very good)
Ice skating (good)
Yoga (good)
Stage fighting (good)
Gym (good)
Gymnastics (basic)
Acrobatics (basic)
Fencing (basic)
Shooting (basic)
Dance Jazz dance (good)
Quick step (good)
Folklore dance (good)
Ballet (basic)
Rock 'n' roll (basic)
Swing dance (basic)
Singing Choral Singing (very good)
Stage singing (good)
Chanson (good)
Pop (good)
Musical instruments Piano (good)
Guitar (good)
Ukulele (good)
Violin (basic)


2012 09. Soester Kurzfilmtage




2017 - 2018 Der Boom
Regieassistentin Conny Supporting actor
Director: Helena Borm
2017 L(i)ebe Lüge
Produzentin, Autorin Director
Director: Anna Villinger
2016 We Spy
Veronika Lindt Lead
Director: Tony Babcock
2016 Let Go
Jenna Supporting actor
Director: Tony Babcock
2016 Transfer
Bartender Supporting actor
Director: Tony Babcock
2015 Diabolus in Musica
Martha Lead
Director: Tommaso Roccheggiani
10/2013 Here's to the Losers
Zooey Lead
Director: Kathi Röstel
2013 Arbeit für alle
Frau Schmidt Supporting Lead
Director: Siggi Buschau
2012 Eintagsfliege
Malina Supporting Lead
Director: Bastian Diekmann
2012 Kreuzungen
Lara Supporting Lead
Director: Daniel Brennecke
2010 Just (AT)
Freundin Supporting Lead
Director: Dirk Hannemann
2009 Kitty Strikes
Kitty Lead
Director: Dirk Hannemann
2008 KapEutt
Frau im Bild Supporting actor
Director: Bastian Diekmann


2022 Das Netz - Ein Wintermärchen (The Net Germany)
Krankenschwester - 3 Folgen Small role
Director: Rick Ostermann
2015 MANN/FRAU (Folge 23 "Klassentreffen")
Redakteurin Abizeitung Supporting actor
Director: Jana Buchholz
2014 "Nele in Berlin"
Small role
Director: Katinka Feistl
2012 Der Kompass
Nathalie Supporting actor
Director: Mujtaba Saeed
2010 "Anna und die Liebe" - Regie: Diverse - 4 Folgen
Schwester Maria Actor in episode
Director: Diverse
2009 "Anna und die Liebe" - Regie: Diverse - 2 Folgen
Krankenschwester Actor in episode
Director: Diverse
2009 Alicia - Wege zum Glück - 1 Folge
Krankenschwester Actor in episode
Director: Diverse


2017 Die Räuber
Director: Anna Villinger und Peter Elsen
2016 A Dollshouse (Ibsen)
Nora Lead
Director: Tony Babcock
2013 - 2015 Pippi Langstrumpf
Pippi Langstrumpf Lead
Director: Günter Jankowiak
2013 Liebesbriefe an Adolf Hitler
Eva I. Member of ensemble
Director: Sascha Weipert
2012 Extasy & Honig
Maria Supporting Lead
Director: Christian Fülling
2012 Schillers "Räuberinnen"
Dorothea, Bastard eines Edelmanns + Grimme Supporting actor
Director: Arnim Beutel
2011 iForgot - Sommertheater
Käthchen Kotz Supporting actor
Director: Andreas Poppe
2011 Der fröhliche Weinberg
Babettchen Supporting actor
Director: Stephan Richter


2021 Lieken Brot
Mutter Supporting Lead
Director: Peter Spans
2021 Mömax
Tierärztin Lead
Director: Christopher Schier
2020 Edeka - wunschlos günstig
Supporting Lead
Director: Tobias Paul
2018 VW - der neue up! GTI (Spot: Auftritt)
Mutter Supporting actor
Director: Zoran Bihac
2011 We are so froh - ZDF Royal Wedding
Small role
Director: Georg von Mitzlaff
2011 Burger King - Fresh for You
Employee Supporting actor
Director: Barton Landsman
2010 iPad App Bild
Neanderthaler Frau Supporting Lead
Director: Daniel Warwick
2009 Veltins V+ Webrelaunch
Girlfriend Supporting Lead
Director: Mathias Hovgaard


2016 He Left Behind
Musikerin, Gitarre
Director: Kevin Kashani
2016 Lego Friends
Supporting actor
Director: diverse
2011 Minotaurus
Member of ensemble
Director: Verena Busche


2016 - 2017 Poetry

Rilke Star of episode
Director: Dara Friedmann
2016 Mamma Mia She's German (sketch video)
She (3 of 3 Episodes) Lead
Director: Frank de Francesco/Anna Villinger/Charles Robert
2012 I Love - Halb 8
Dekra Medienakademie Berlin
Steffi Lead
Director: Julia Hamann
2011 - 2012 Soldat des Betons - Musikvideo Kurzfilmserie
FTF Production
Drogenabhängige Supporting actor
Director: Lokey Mes




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